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A team of consultants, researchers, and former admissions officers, College Transitions offers a data-driven menu of services that help students identify good-fit schools, maximize their admission prospects, and make the most of their college investment.

College Search

Our online college search tool allows students, parents, and school counselors to explore prospective schools, build college lists, and easily compare institutions across approximately 100 of the most important college search and admission-related variables.

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“Parents may have trouble accepting that ‘higher education is a buyer’s market,’ but the voice of reason in these 168飞艇官网全天开奖计划直播-幸运168飞艇官网现场开奖直播 dog-eared pages will provide comfort and direction for those starting the application process.”

— Publisher’s Weekly

Our Data-driven Books

Steeped in research and pragmatism, our books explore various colleges on your journey with its wealth of data and analysis on admissions, outcomes, and resources. Buy them today on Amazon.

Colleges Worth Your Money
Colleges Worth Your Money (2023 Edition) Buy on Amazon Now
Enlightened College Applicant
The Enlightened College Applicant Buy on Amazon Now

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  • Admission statistics and policies at 500+ selective colleges
  • Top colleges/programs and “feeder” schools for nearly 100 fields
  • Infographics “Top Feeder” colleges to the best graduate schools and most desirable industries

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You may have seen us featured in these fine media outlets discussing higher education.

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